Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bringer's Quest and Incandescence Release Day + Blog Tour!

Today's the day! I've released the sequel to The Crimson Hunt entitled The Bringer's Quest, and it's novella Incandescence. Below, I have buy links and blog tour stops. Enter to win copies of all three books in the Eldaen Light Chronicles. 

Plus! The Crimson Hunt and The Space Between are .99 this week to celebrate the releases, so pick them up today!!!

Both .99 today!!!!

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Time can bring about many positive changes. For Ariel Richmond, getting her magical necklace to work isn’t one of them.

The year has introduced new comrades and friends, and every day they find their place within Ariel’s alliance. But Ariel herself is at a standstill. While her world advances around her, she’s forced to watch other’s successes. And as her frustrations about her progression toward leadership grow, she and Luca are driven further apart.

Luca sees Ariel’s situation, not as a hindrance, but as an unexpected strategy. Her stalemate keeps her out of battle, allowing him and her coalition to insure her safety from the world that threatens to destroy her. His constant fight to protect Ariel also acts as a shield, making it easy to distract himself from the nightmares of his past and hide his darkest secrets from the woman he loves.

As Luca hides behind his walls, Ariel is forced to become a leader on own. When a surprise from her past arrives willing to aid her, Ariel struggles between the priority of leadership and that of love.
Time ticks away and the enemy won’t wait for the Bringer of Peace to become a leader. The hunt for blood is on whether Ariel is ready or not.

The Bringer's Quest is a new adult science fiction romance.


**Book 2.5 in The Eldaen Light Chronicles**

The details behind that infamous hookup in The Bringer’s Quest…

Gemini Maylor is bored as hell. He lost his best friend Luca to a set of long legs and a pair of breasts. Now, he’s not only shy one wingman, but finds himself feeling a way he never has before.


Bailey Hughes loves the quiet. But she has to admit she misses her bestie. As draining as it is to be Ariel Richmond’s best friend, Bailey finds the job oddly fulfilling. So when Ariel and her boyfriend Luca decide to devote more time to each other, Bailey finds herself left behind.

Gemini and Bailey couldn’t be more opposite. Gemini is a fiery Eldaen man with a rock star complex. And Bailey is, well, kinda average. But when the absence of their best friends brings them together, they discover a heat between them that only makes sense. The question is: Is that fire lasting?

Incandescence is a new adult romance with science fiction elements. The 50,000-word novella is not a standalone and follows The Bringer’s Quest.

**Warning: Novella contains strong language. Gemini just can’t seem to help himself.**

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