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"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Blog Hop Winners!

Hey, all!  Today I have a special treat because Jaycee and I are annoucing the winners of our blog hop!

Thanks to all that participated and to all that stopped by.  Jaycee and I had a blast hopping around the other blogs and reading about your stellar heroines, in fact, we liked SO many that we eached picked two winners *grins*

To see Jaycee's winners click here.

Now without further ado, here are my picks!

This two ladies had me almost falling off my chair I was laughing so hard at their banter.  And thank you for the "disco stick" reference Clare it was a riot!


Emily and Aubrey 

These two warmed my heart.  Emily's description of her hero and the quant rainy day afternoon interview made me feel like I was really there...  Oh and I listened to Jennifer's song like a dozen times ;)

Clare and Jennifer you both win your choice of:

An Amazon ebook download or up to a $15 Book from the Book Depository

Ladies, please email me for details!

Thank you everyone who participated and don't get too comfy...  You never know when Jaycee and I will throw another blog hop your way ;)

Laterz, peeps!

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"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Blog hop!

Hey, everyone!  Today is the day to meet some heroines from our novels and WIPs.  I didn't have a hard time deciding who to feature here today, part of it had to do with the fact that I only had two heroines at the time of writing this, haha, but the other part was that these ladies are just stellar.  I had a blast writing them and I can't wait to share them with you.

Now without further ado, here are my ladies:

Featured Heroine being Interviewed:  

Ariel Richmond from The Crimson Hunt


Rae Evans from Story World

Ariel's Theme Song from The Crimson Hunt:

"Little Bit" by Lykke Li

This song is perfect for Ariel because she plays quite hard to get with my hero Luca Grinaldi at one point in the novel!  And Ariel is a bit of a "hipster" and Ms. Li is quite popular with the hipster crowd ;) 

Enjoy the interview...there may be some surprises in store here ;)

Interview of Ariel Richmond as told from the Point of View of Rae Evans:

            I walked into the small café ready to spit flames.  CK tricked me once again and now, here I was, doing an interview that I’d rather gouge my eyes out than do.  Teaches me to make a business arrangement with a business man.
            “I promise to stay away from you, Rae, if you do this interview for me,” CK told me.
            Yeah, right.  “Stay away” from me.  Of course there was a freakin’ loophole in his shoddy agreement and because of it, I ended up seeing him yesterday, less than twenty-four hours after his “so called” agreement.  And to top the cherry off on this spectacular arrangement, I was still stuck doing the blasted interview for him! 
            Life freakin’ sucks.  Hopefully I could get this thing over with soon so I could go home and game.  Mr. Christopher “CK” Kincaid was going to hear it from me after this.
            I took a seat at the first table I saw and arranged my interview materials.  I waited and waited, yet no one was coming.
            Throwing my head back, I groaned.  CK set me up, dammit!
            I bent to grab my things, ready to leave, when a really tall redhead sauntered into the café, making a beeline for my table.  Actually, saying her hair was red was an understatement.  It was really red, like firecracker red.
            She continued to move to my table and stilled.  She turned around, huffed, then went back out the door.
            Okaaay.  That was weird.
            She came back into the café, dragging a girl with long black hair who looked just as “thrilled” to be here as I was.
            This was going to be great.  Note the sarcasm.
            The redhead sat the girl with black hair down at my table, then took a seat herself with a self-assured smile.  “Sorry, we’re late,” she said.  “I’m Piper Lovelace.”  She shook my hand.  “And this is your interviewee, Ariel Richmond.”  She gestured to the black haired girl.
            I held out my hand to Ariel.  “Hi, I’m Rae Evans.”
            She shook my hand.  “Nice to meet you, Rae.  And yes, sorry we’re late.” 
            Ariel said this last bit through clenched teeth, shooting a murderous look at Piper.
This is really going to be fun.  “No problem.” I grabbed the interview paper.  “Let’s get started, huh?”
            “Yeah, sure thing,” Ariel said with a smile, but it faded as quickly as it appeared.  “Wait.”  She turned to Piper.  “And where is your picture.  I see mine and Rae’s here, but where’s yours?”
            Piper raised her hands.  “Uh-uh, this is your interview.  I’m just along for the ride.”
            Ariel crossed her arms over her chest.  “Yeah, so not going to fly.  Hand it over.  You’re here.  You need a picture just like me and Rae.”
            Piper huffed.  “Fine.”  She handed me the picture.

8/22/12 Picture has been removed.
            “Give me a frickin’ break, Pipe!” Ariel said.
            Piper shrugged.  “What?”
            I could see Ariel was fighting herself not to cuff this girl upside the head.
            “That so doesn’t count.  It’s your Facebook picture and it’s of your eye,” Ariel said.
            Piper glanced away, tipping up her chin.  “Like I said, it’s not my interview.  That’s all you get.”
            Trying to break the tension, I lifted my paper.  “Okay, Ariel, I have my first question here.  How would you describe your hero…”  I scanned my notes for the name.  “Luca Grinaldi.”
            Ariel opened her mouth to speak, but Piper took my attention.  She cupped the side of her mouth, pointed to Ariel, and mouthed, “She’s in love with him.”
            I bit my lip, fighting a smile
            Ariel pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes.  “What did she just say, Rae?”
            Piper raised her hands in defense.  “I didn’t say anything.”
            Ariel turned Piper’s way.  “Yeah, okay, Piper, you’re really thirsty, aren’t you?”  She eyed her.
            Piper arched an eyebrow, then widened her eyes as she got what Ariel was getting at.  “Oh, yeah, right.  I’m sooo thirsty.”  She fanned herself.  “It’s like a frickin’ Sahara Desert in here.  I’m starting to see oases and crap, I’m so hot and thirsty.  I’ll be right back.”  Piper stood and went to the drink counter.
            Ariel sighed.  “I apologize for my friend, Rae.”
            I shrugged.  “No problem.  She seems cool.”
            “Yeah, if Piper Lovelace is one thing, it’s cool.  And I’m sorry about how I acted when I arrived.  It’s not that I don’t want to be here, it’s just that I’m an artist and I was in a huge development with my work when Piper dropped the interview-bomb on me.”
            She’s an artist?  That’s pretty cool.  “That’s awesome, Ariel.  And I’m sorry if I’m giving off strange vibes, too.  I was tricked into being here.”
            Ariel raised her brows.  “Tricked?”
            “Yeah, by a stuck-up pretty boy named CK.”
            Ariel nodded with a smile.  “Ah…”
            “Yeah, he’s a douche.”  Understatement of the year.  “Anyway, I was in the middle of some heavy gaming when he—”  Crap.  She’d probably think I was a complete nerd now that I said that.
            Ariel’s eyes lit up.  “You game?  Ever play The Sims?”
            Uh, where has this girl been all my life?  “It’s only one of my faves!”
            “Sweet.”  She pounded my fist.  “You and I are like kindred.”
            Maybe this interview wouldn’t be so bad after all.  “That’s stellar, Ariel.  We totally are.”  I laughed.  “Okay, now, since we both have things to do, let’s get this interview underway.”
            “Sounds good.”
            “So back to my last question about Luca…”
            Ariel bit her lip and her cheeks went a little pink.  “Luca is…sweet.  He was kind of weird around me at first, but I think that was just because he was shy.  It’s so strange that he was that way when I first met him though, because he gives off this…”  She raised her hands, looking up to the air as she sought the word.  “Power.  It’s the only way I can describe it.  He just has this huge presence about him.  Just so…  I don’t know, powerful.  And the way he looks at the world is just so beautiful.  He took me to this garden once and I got chills by how he connected to his environment.  He’s just…  I don’t know.  I still have so much to learn about him, but I can’t wait to see more.”
            Wow, her answer was passionate.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Piper was right about Ariel’s feelings for Luca.  “He sounds great, Ariel.  Okay, next question.  Your biggest date horror story?”
            She leaned back and laughed.  “Oh, I have a date fail of epic proportions for you.  I swear to god this guy could have gotten the award for suckiest date on the planet.”
            Oh, this is going to be good.
            “He took me to the Taco Bell for starters.”
            “No he didn’t!”
            She nodded.  “Oh, he totally did, and not only that, but he met me there.  Didn’t even offer to pick me up.  And, oh, oh, get this, he asked to go dutch!”
            I almost fell to the floor in a fit of laugher.
            “And the douchebaggery doesn’t even stop there.  He asked me to drive him to a bar after the date, because he wanted to go get drunk with his friends and they were going to take him to pick up his car tomorrow.”
            I was almost in tears at this point.  “That’s pretty bad.”  I wiped my eyes and scanned my paper for the next question.

            Boxers or briefs on your guy?

            Really???  Who the hell wrote this interview?  Scanning down the page, I saw the names.

            Interview questions created by Victoria Smith and Jaycee Delorenzo.

            I smirked.  These women must be out to get me, like CK.  Shrugging it off, I dove in.  Ariel seemed pretty cool.  I didn’t think she’d be bothered by answering this.  “So, Ariel, next question.  Do you prefer boxers or briefs on your guy?”
            Just as I thought, Ariel didn’t look at all put off and actually smiled before she answered.  “It actually doesn’t really matter to me which my guy chooses.  If he can rock what he’s wearing with confidence, then whatever he’s in is okay by me.”
            I nodded.
            “But would I mind seeing Luca in a pair of briefs…”  She tilted her head from side to side and eyed me.
            “Gotcha.”  I winked.  Suddenly, an image of CK in briefs took over my brain and I shook my head to rid it of it.  What the hell was wrong with me?  I shouldn’t be imaging that tool in briefs…  Even if he did have a six pack that made my girly bits go crazy… 
I closed my mouth and wiped at the side of my lip.  Good god, I was drooling!  Hopefully Ariel hadn’t noticed.  I quickly moved on to the next question.  “Okay, last question, Ariel.  What attracts you to a guy the most?”
            “Well, there’s the confidence thing I spoke of earlier, but really, it’s how observant he is.  Like Luca.  I feel like when I talk, he’s actually really listening to me.  I like that I feel like, whenever I speak to him, I’m his whole world for just that minute, you know?  I know that may sound really smug of me, but really, it just makes me feel so special.”
            Good god this guy sounded like Prince Charming.  Maybe I should give CK his number for some tips.
            Just then, Piper sat down with her drink.  “Did she give you a hard time, Rae?”  She eyed Ariel.
            Ariel stuck her tongue out at her.
            Jeez these two reminded me so much of me and my friends.  “Nope, she was a gem and thanks for making this painless for me, Ariel.  Now we both can go back to our original plans today.  It was so great meeting you.”  I held out my hand for her to shake.
            She eyed my hand.  “What’s with this handshake?”  She grabbed me in a hug and blew the wind out of me.  “I’m a hugger.”
            I giggled.  This girl was a rockstar.
            She pulled back, holding me out at arms-length.  “And I agree, it was great.  Thanks for the interview.”    
            I gathered my stuff and started to walk away.
            “Rae?” Ariel questioned.
            I turned.
            “Give CK a chance.  He might not be as bad as you think.  If my experience with Luca has taught me anything, it’s that you should always have an open mind.” She nodded with an encouraging smile.
            I quirked my lips up to the side.  “Duly noted.”
            I walked out of the café and thought about what she said.  CK?  Not as bad as I think… 
            We’ll see about that. 


Thanks everyone for stopping by and if you want to know more about Ariel's counterpart, Luca Grinaldi, and a preview of Rae's counterpart, Christopher "CK" Kincaid, check out the interview I did of them for the "Oh, My Hero!" Blog Hop.

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My newest story: "Holiday Fling"!

Hey, all, it's Christmas in June because I just finished writing my newest story Holiday Fling, an anthology about another snarky heroine and a hot redhead!

This story ended about being about 12,000 words and boy were the two leads a riot to write.  I'll post a few lines for you below as well as the theme song for the story.  I listened to literally nothing, but Christmas tunage circa 1950 - 2008 for the three straight days it took to write this story.  Now, you may be saying "Ugh!" but I loved it.  Heck, I listen to Christmas tunes all year round anyway!

Just a quick reminder to stop back here on Friday for the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Blog Hop! where you will get to meet two, yes, TWO of the heroines from my other stories.

"Mistletoe" by Colbie Caillat

A short excerpt from Holiday Fling

             “Ugh, this is terrible.”  Chase’s face contorted as he glanced up to the break room speakers.  “Christmas music can be so cheesy when it isn’t the classics.”
            Tarrah crossed her arms.  “I happen to like N*Sync.”
            He smirked.  “Why am I not surprised?  You and about every other twenty-something girl living in the continental U.S.  You sound like my cousin.  She was obsessed with them.”
            “She sounds like a smart girl.  My roommate and I adore them.  In fact, we have one of their framed posters up on the wall.”
            His brows shot up.  “Now you really sound like my cousin.  I happened to be keen to Britney Spears during that time.  The girl couldn’t sing worth a damn, but she sure was nice to look at.”  He wiggled his eyebrows.
            She shook her head.  “Such a guy thing to say.”
            His jaw dropped opened.  “Well, what about you Ms. ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’?”
            “The fact that you know those lyrics tells me you followed them too.”  She winked.

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Winners of the Ultimate Simone Elkeles Giveaway :D

Hey, all!  The winners of my Simone Ekleles giveaway have been chosen.  Check them out below!

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Thanks everyone for entering and the winners will be contacted about which prize they will be receiving!!!

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