Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My newest story: "Holiday Fling"!

Hey, all, it's Christmas in June because I just finished writing my newest story Holiday Fling, an anthology about another snarky heroine and a hot redhead!

This story ended about being about 12,000 words and boy were the two leads a riot to write.  I'll post a few lines for you below as well as the theme song for the story.  I listened to literally nothing, but Christmas tunage circa 1950 - 2008 for the three straight days it took to write this story.  Now, you may be saying "Ugh!" but I loved it.  Heck, I listen to Christmas tunes all year round anyway!

Just a quick reminder to stop back here on Friday for the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Blog Hop! where you will get to meet two, yes, TWO of the heroines from my other stories.

"Mistletoe" by Colbie Caillat

A short excerpt from Holiday Fling

             “Ugh, this is terrible.”  Chase’s face contorted as he glanced up to the break room speakers.  “Christmas music can be so cheesy when it isn’t the classics.”
            Tarrah crossed her arms.  “I happen to like N*Sync.”
            He smirked.  “Why am I not surprised?  You and about every other twenty-something girl living in the continental U.S.  You sound like my cousin.  She was obsessed with them.”
            “She sounds like a smart girl.  My roommate and I adore them.  In fact, we have one of their framed posters up on the wall.”
            His brows shot up.  “Now you really sound like my cousin.  I happened to be keen to Britney Spears during that time.  The girl couldn’t sing worth a damn, but she sure was nice to look at.”  He wiggled his eyebrows.
            She shook her head.  “Such a guy thing to say.”
            His jaw dropped opened.  “Well, what about you Ms. ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’?”
            “The fact that you know those lyrics tells me you followed them too.”  She winked.


Hildred said...

Ha! Zing! I'm not a fan of either act but I like the way Tarrah thinks.

Tobi Summers said...

:-) I love Christmas. And I happen to have the N*Sync Christmas CD (though I myself was a BSB girl). This story looks adorable.

Krista McLaughlin said...

I like the N'Sync Christmas cd too. Great little blurb! I am very excited for Friday - I can't wait to meet your heroines!

Sharon Bayliss said...

Writing outside of the season is tough. I usually write in the season I'm in, not very creative, huh? Congrats on the story! I'm looking forward to the bloghop!

Samantha said...

I listen to Christmas music year round too! My friends think I'm weird for it though :D

I loved the lines! Seems like a great story :)



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