Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jaycee Delorenzo and Sweet N' Spicy Designs + "The Crimson Hunt" Book Cover!

Hey, all!  Today for Blog Me MAYbe I'm supposed to tell you about someone else.  Well, it is my honor to talk about Jaycee Delorenzo of Sweet N' Spicy Designs.

Now some of you may have heard me talk about Jaycee quite a bit on my blog and we happen to be hosting yet another blog hop together featuring heroines from novels.  Check it out here.  But the reason you ALWAYS hear so much about her is because she's my critque partner and my amazingly awesome best buddy :D *Grins*

She helps me get rid of all those words I use too much.  Some examples:  "Consume," "Intense," and "Eyes" to name a few.  Without her, you'd be seeing those words WAY more than you would have without her, lol.

She helps me with my stories and makes them oodles better!  And her own novel called, The Truths about Dating and Mating, is coming out later this year so look out for it.  Check out the blurb here.

Today I'm going to talk about another super thing she does.  Besides being an awesome crique partner and super mommy, she's also designs websites and book covers for novels.  And this isn't just any design work...IT'S AWESOMELY STELLARIFFIC BOOMTASTIC WORK.  

  She's so stellar and she's having a sale right now on her design work.  Here's the ad:

So head on over to Sweet N' Spicy Designs today to grab up a cover or blog header before it's gone!  

Jaycee's amazing and I'm glad I got to share her work and a little bit about her with you today!  Hearts you Jaycee :D

Jaycee Delorenzo

Sweet N' Spicy Designs Website:

Follow her on Twitter!

Like her on Facebook!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May I tell you something about "The Snowflake Method" of writing?

Hey, all!  This is the last week of Blog Me MAYbe.  I loved it, but posting everyday has been brutal, lol.  I'm happy to be finishing up and I'm happy to have given you all something to read everyday of the month :D  Thanks for sticking with me!

So for today I'm supposed to share with you something about writing.  Well, here it goes:

Writing Fiction for Dummies

Meet my writing bible, haha!  No, but seriously it is.  Last year, I had a little concept for a book, (Which later became The Crimson Hunt by the way, tehe) but I had never written a book before.  So what did I do?  Went on a road trip to Barnes and Noble where I picked up this little baby!  From this book, I discovered there were several ways to write a book and out of all the ways I saw "The Snowflake Method" stuck out to me the most as the most efficient, yet un-creativity-stiffling way for me to write a novel with my type of personality.

He and his co-author, Peter Economy, authored Writing Fiction for Dummies, but Randy himself is the one that came up with "The Snowflake Method" of writing.

What is "The Snowflake Method"?  Well, it's a style of writing just like Seat of Your Pants Writing or Outlining.  "Snowflake" actually combines both of these techniques.

Story World and Characters/ Story Line

You start by creating the "Story World," or setting, of your novel, then creating your characters and giving them backstories and goals/motivations that go with those backstories.  From there, you create a storyline such as: 

"A lonely, outcasted young woman falls for a fiery CIA agent." 

(I just came up with that on the fly and you can probably tell, haha)

Three-Act Structure

After you get your storyline, you flesh it out into what is called a three-act structure.  Books and film usually occur in three "acts" and in between each "act" is what is called a "disaster" that keeps the reader engaged and continuing with the story.  Each disaster has to be worse than the one previous to keep your reader on the edge of their seat.

Here's an example from the novel, The Hunger Games.  (If you haven't read this and don't want spoilers scroll down.)  These are my guesses at what the disasters are by the way.  I read the book and believe these to be it.

Disasters of The Hunger Games:

1.  Katniss is doing rather well in the "games" and the Gamemakers are pissed because she's staying off the radar of the other contestants, so the Gamemakers send a fire storm down on her to make her intercept the other game players.

2.  Katniss makes friends with a young girl, but the young girl ends up being killed, thereby crushing Katniss' spirit and setting her back mentally in the games.

3.  Katniss' friend, Peeta, gets sick, which forces Katniss to go to a central location to get him medicine.  This action makes her interact with the remaining contests and therefore vulnerable to being killed.

Every disaster has to set back the main character and make it hard for them to complete there story goal at the end of the novel.  Katniss' story goal is to survive the games and not just that, but to beat the Capitol at their own game.


After writing the three-act structure, you flesh it out and make a two-page single spaced synopsis of the entire novel.  The synopsis tells the story from front to back, spoilers and all, but only focuses on the main characters and the main storyline.  

Scene List

After you have your synopsis, you make a scene list, which breaks up your synopsis into scenes like a movie.  Your scene list is a play-by-play of what is in the novel.  In the scene list, you write a one sentence summary of what will happen in the book.  Most books have anywhere from 60 - 100 scenes.

Now you can write!

You have your scene list and now you can use that as a road map of what to write in your book.  Start from the first scene and go!  By using this method, I can write 90,000 word novels in about 3 weeks and I get quicker every time!

This method was a godsend for me because I need structure, but I also want some surprise and creativity.  This method allowed me both.  I know my story will work out in the end, but I don't know specifics on how my characters will get there in each scene.  I just have a general idea and I love that surprise!

So there you have it, my friends.  If you have any questions comment below or just email me by finding my email under the contact tab.  I don't consider myself an expert on "Snowflake," but I have been able to write 4 novels in 9 months from it, so I it worked for me! :D

Pick-up Fiction Writing for Dummies here.  

Later, Peeps!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Blog Hop!

May I tell you something about me?

I'm hosting a blog hop!

Back by popular demand, myself and my critique partner, Jaycee Delorenzo, are hosting the:

 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Blog Hop!
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

For those who don't know, Jaycee and I hosted a hop last month called the "Oh! My Hero!" Blog Hop, which featured heroes from your manuscript, novels, or WIPs, well, this time we are doing the opposite.  HEROINES will be featured this time!

Here are the details:
  • Interview a heroine of your manuscript, novel, or WIP by a fellow female counterpart also from your written work.  Your featured heroine can be interviewed by her best friend, a heroine from another one of your written works, a sister, the opportunities are endless!
  • Have your heroine answer at least 3 of the questions recommended below or make up your own!
  • Post a picture of your heroine, the interviewer, or both!
  • Post a song for the theme of the interview or a song that reflects your featured heroine's personality
  • Follow Jaycee and myself on our blogs
  • Post our hop button! (Though not required, feel free to repost on your blog about the hop!)
  • Post your entries on June 22, 2012 and hop around the other blogs through the linky!

For this hop, the interview will have more of a "girls chatting" type feel because after all, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  So feel free to write it like a short scene in a book!

Here are the recommended questions for it:

1. How would you describe your hero?
2. What's your biggest date horror story?
3. What turns you off from a guy the most?
4. What's the best date you ever had?
5. Kiss on the first date?
6. What gets a guy a second date?
7. Boxers or briefs on your guy?
8. What is one thing you believe can tell a lot about a person?
9. What attracts you to a guy the most?


Jaycee and I will each pick one winner of the heroine who snagged our attention the most with her creative answers!

From Me: An ebook download or up to $15 Book from Book Depository
From Jaycee: An ebook of your choice up to $10 from Amazon OR a Custom Blogger/WordPress Header. Your choice.

Link Up Below!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May I tell you something about editing?

Hey, all!  Today I get to share something about writing!  So to start off today's post I'm going to share a music video, which I tend to do quite often because I LOVE music :D

"Edit" by Regina Spektor

I posted this song for two reasons:  

1.  I feel just like this girl laying on her work in the music video after all the editing I did last last week, lol

2.  The lyrics.  Here are the ones in particular that I'm speaking off:

"You can write, but you can't edit..."

This was my biggest fear.  Yes, I can get something on paper, but can I edit?  And guess what?  I found out I can!  

Last week I just did a huge edit on my work "The Crimson Hunt"  I got rid of a lot of stuff and added several scenes that should have made it in the first draft.  Now the story reads so much better and I feel really accomplished.  

The trick to editing?  Kill your little darlings!

I know as writers we have all heard this before, but it's true.  Those words on the paper or computer screen are just that words.  Kill, Kill, Kill to make your manuscript better.  

I've learned a lot since starting this writing journey and editing is one of them.  I finally feel comfortable with it and don't sweat if I have to hit the delete button on an entire scene and rewrite.  That is a huge relief.

My question for you is:  What's your editing process?  Do you write your first draft, rewrite the entire thing, then edit?  Or do you just edit from the start?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Me MAYbe: The NA Alley Sisters!

Hey, all!  So today for Blog Me MAYbe we get to share something about someone else!  I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago that myself and a few of my writer friends created a group blog known as NA Alley, which strives to promote New Adult fiction (fiction featuring 18 - 25 protagonists generally).  Well today I'm going to feature the ladies behind the NA Sisters!  Here are their pictures and their links to their blogs.  Check them out everyone they're a great group of women and for those of you who haven't checked out the blog check it out today!  We're having a crazy giveaway!

Jaycee DeLorenzo
I’m a wife, mom, writer, Romance Diva, voracious reader, blogger, web designer, and cover artist. I write YA, Upper YA (or New Adult as the term has been coined) and Adult romances whenever I have a free moment.  Why NA?  Because it's a fascinating age where my characters are trying to find that balance between being a teenager and being an adult, experiencing new freedoms, trying new things, struggling to figure out who they are and who they want to be, all while trying to balance the responsibilities that come with being an adult.  Connect:  jc[at]jayceedelorenzo[dot]com |  WebsiteBlog  |  Facebook  | Twitter  |  Goodreads

Carrie Butler

I daydreamed my way through college—until they thrust a marketing degree into my hands, slapped a summa cum laude seal on the corner, and booted me out into a less-than-stellar job market. Instead of panicking at the prospect of unemployment, I used my Midwestern logic to steer into the skid and point my life in the direction I really wanted to go: writing out those daydreams.  Connect:  soyoureawriter[at]gmail[dot]com |  WebsiteBlog  |  Twitter

Summer Lane

I am a novelist, blogger and freelance writer. I love cats, American history and of course, reading. I adore reviewing books and discovering new authors. I am happiest when I am at home in the farming valley of California, writing about impossible adventures, hanging with felines, eating apples and listening to music. In that order. I write in many genres, but NA is one of my favorites because it focuses on an entirely different aspect of a character’s life. The jump from teenager to adult is really a fun period to focus on. Happy reading!  Connect:  writingbelle18[at]gmail[dot]com  |  Blog  |  Twitter

Juliana Haygert

I’m a Brazilian girl who lives in Connecticut.I would love to be Wonder Woman, Cheetara, Elektra, Buffy, Phoebe, She- ra, Rose, a blood elf shadow priest, and other various kick-ass female from comics, TV series, movies, books and games, but I settle for—the less exciting but equally gratifying life as—a wife, mother, friend and a writer. My heroines are like the ones cited above and I also writes about the heroes who drive them crazy—and occasionally hot. Since my first stories, I wrote about 20-something year old protagonists without knowing it wouldn’t fit in today’s traditional publishing market. Nowadays, besides writing full time, I battle for the recognition of New Adult as a category.  Connect:  juliana.haygert[at]gmail[dot]com  |  WebsiteBlog  |  Goodreads  |  Twitter

L.G. Kelso

I'm a writer who loves to write (obviously), read, ride horses and dirt-bike.  Connect:  porschechic28[at]gmail[dot]com |  Blog  |  Twitter

Bailey Kelsey
There are things you can definitely assume: I'm a writer, I'm a reader, and I'm a blogger. There are some things you'd probably figure out: I'm also a grad student, a soccer player, and a ballet dancer. Then there are the interesting tidbits: I write ghost stories, I'm terrified of butterflies, and I love Southwestern heat. While I've always been a writer, in the last year writing has become about serious craft and story-telling. I've been working on a novel with a twenty-something narrator, and only recently discovered that she and I had our own place in the world of fiction with new adult. It's nice to know neither her story nor my writing are floating along in the abyss, which is definitely how being new to adulthood can feel.  Connect:  baileyiswriting[at]gmail[dot]com |  Blog  |  Twitter

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MAYbe Blogfest: I'm Going to My Second Writer's Conference!

Hey all!  So today for the Blog me MAYbe Blogfest I'm supposed to share something about me, well I am pleased to announce that just last week I booked a trip for my second writer's conference!

This is a big one!  It's the official Romance Writer's of America Writer's Conference in Anaheim!  I'm so excited to go.  There's going to be so many great seminars to attend and after my last great experience in Chicago at my first writer's conference (see here) I'm even more ubber excited.  Oh and one more thing...

I get to meet my critique partner and fellow NA Alley sister...

Yeah!!!!  We're meeting up and hanging out the whole time together!  It's going to be great and I'm going to make a HUGE post about it when I get home.  Hopefully I'll have some swag I can give out to my readers like I got last time.  For all of you that don't know I'm giving away SIGNED swag from Simone Elkeles in my giveaway here.  Enter now my friends!

Oh and one more thing...

Thanks for the 30,000 plus page views!  I've only been blogging since November and you all have been so supportive.  Thanks for the love ya'll!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Winners of Conception by Jennifer Hartz!

The winners of an Amazon eBook copy of Conception by Jennifer Hartz have been chosen!

Congratulations to you because you get to experience a delightful time in the land of Meric with brave heroine Christina and swoon-worthy hero Shaw!  You will be contacted soon!  Thanks, everyone, for your entires and thank you, Jennifer Hartz, for the awesome interview and giveaway :D

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAYbe Blogfest: Kimbra Day! + A Sample From My Newest Story!

It's Kimbra Day!  

Today for Blog Me MAYbe I share something about someone else so I chose the musical artist Kimbra!  Why is it "Kimbra Day" you may ask?  Because I wrote Story World, my new urban fantasy, last month while listening to her album Vows.  This album inspired me so much during my writing and many of the songs are theme songs to some of my characters in the work itself.  You can check out the soundtrack to Story World here.

So I will be featuring the top three songs that I listened to while I wrote and then provide you with a little sample of Story World at the end.  Enjoy the day everyone!  Kimbra is absolutely magical and I'm glad I got to share her with you today :D

Kimbra "Two Way Street"

Kimbra "Settle Down"

Kimbra "Cameo Lover"

And now another sample of Story World!

The Set Up:

8/20/12 Excerpt has been taken down for polishing.  Thanks everyone!

Hope you Enjoyed it and Have a Great Kimbra Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, Those High School Dances! Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  I'm not posting my MAYbe post today, because today is the "Oh, Those High School Dances!"  Blog Hop hosted by Kelley Lynn from Between the Bookends.  To participate go here.

Here are the rules for participation:
1. Post pictures of your high school dances. (Make sure you tell us which one you are if they're group pictures.)
2. Share with us your funniest high school dance story.
3. That's it!

So here we go!

So this delightfully embarrassing picture came from what's called Music Formal, because yes, I was a band nerd and was in the color guard of my high school band (I was actually the Captain for 3 years =D).  This is my sophomore year so I was about 16 or 17.  I'm the one on the left and that's my friend Melissa.  (She didn't know I posted this so please don't tell her, tehe).

I don't really have any funny dance stories, but I do have a little story about this dance.  Back in the day I was OBSESSED with Jason Mraz.

And by obsessed I mean extreme fangirl, brings CD player to bed and listens to his music until I fall asleep and have sweet dreams of his awesomeness obsessed!  Well anywho my sister told me he was playing at her college campus!  I was like OMIGOD :DDDDDDD  Then I found out what day it was...the same day as Music Fomal.  *Sigh*  I had a choice to make.  Go to the concert and potentially meet my idol and he brings me on stage and sings to me while I quickly melt into a puddle of Mraz goodness in front of him...or go to the dance.  As you can see by the picture, I went to the dance.

I'VE NEVER REGRETTED ANYTHING SO BAD IN MY DAMN LIFE!  I had a horrible time.  Melissa and I were bored and ended up going to Taco Bell.  I later got to see Jason Mraz in college, but it wasn't the same.  I was no longer obsessed and the music wasn't the same.  He hardly sang anything off his old album!  

So I guess this story really isn't that funny, but I did learn a lesson and that's if you have an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary DO IT!  Don't conform because your friends are all doing it!  Take that magic barge and sail away off into the sunset of Mrazness, err, you know what I mean.  That is all.  Oh, and feel free to laugh because it actually is a little funny, lol.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MAYbe Blogfest: I'm an Extreme Couponer!

Hey all!  Today for the Blogfest I get to share another tidbit about myself!  Well in my bio section of my blog I state that I'm an extreme couponer and this is true!  I cut coupons and I get my shirts from Target for a $1 or I'll go to the grocery store and get free groceries sometimes with my coupon deals :D

I wanted to share today an example of deal I got earlier this year as well as my receipt for the purchase.

What I bought:

How Much it "Cost":

Now as you can see I bought 28 items, used coupons, and then Walmart paid me $4.08 for all the stuff you see above!

So I hope you enjoyed another tidbit about me.  Until tomorrow :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

MAYbe Blogfest: My First Writer's Conference and The Ultimate Simone Elkeles Giveaway :D

Hey, everyone!  For today's MAYbe post I decided to post about my experience at my first writer's conference on April 27th since today's post is about writing :D

I had a blast, learned a lot, and I can't wait to share some pictures and some interesting tips and tricks I picked up during the experience.

Now if you're here just for the giveaway scroll down.  Simone Elkeles was one of the keynote speakers at the conference and she was so awesome that she gave me sighed posters as well as a signed copy of Perfect Chemistry to giveaway to my followers when I sat down with her for a chat :D

So how I'll format this post is to give you dos and don'ts for what to do if you attend your own writer's conference.  So here we go!

Do:  Make Lots of Friends!

I can't stress how invaluable networking is here.  I came in with the cool chicks you see on the left, my Prairie Sisters from my local RWA chapter.  They helped me learned the ropes and took me under their wing-being the newb that I was-and I was so greatful for everything they did for me.  Now you may say, "Well, Victoria, what if I don't have a group of people I can go with?  What ever should I do???"  Well, I'll tell you...MAKE FRIENDS.  I did.  Despite the fact that I had these amazing women with me, I made sure to branch out and find others!  And here's one of them below:

I found this stellar chick Nicole on Twitter two weeks or so before I went.  We met up and had an awesome time and met so many others that expanded our conference going exprience. We were both newbs and connected!


Holy crap were these things a big hit! (Thanks, Carrie, my NA Sister, for the tip!)  All weekend people were fawning over my Moo cards (refer to my post on how to get these pretty babies here) for their originality and along with their pretty-gorgeousness they helped me network like crazy.  I was handing these things out and gathering others up so quickly that a quarter of my stack was gone by the end of the weekend! 

Do:  Attend Every Seminar and Learning Experience You Possibly Can

Nicole's so silly, tehe

I can't stress this enough.  You are going to a conference first and foremost to LEARN so do it!  Don't sleep.  Don't sit in your hotel room all day.  Get off your butt and go and you will not only learn something, but you will meet people.  The industry professions that teach the classes know what their talking about and can help you out.

Do:  Bid on Silent Auctions if You Can

See that in my hand?  It's a critique from an editor at Samhain which I won by simply bidding in a silent auction.  It didn't cost me that much and the money goes toward a good cause.  This is an amazing resource.  I was going to submit to Samhain anyway and now they will have already seen my work and have given me feedback on how to make it better at no fault for when I actually submit.

Do:  Act + Dress Professionally

Now obviously this is a given.  Nothing too fancy, but look nice.  You are essentially marketing yourself with the big wigs.  Look good to impress.

Now on to the don'ts...

Don't:  Creep People Out

This is another obvious one.  There's lots of famous people at these things so it's easy to get giddy and want to freak out, but remember they are people too and you just got to be mellow.  Also, with the big wig industry professionals don't hold them up in the elevator and throw your manuscript at them.  They won't like it...and will most likely file a restraining order against you, haha.

Don't:  Pitch Your Work Unless You Are ABSOLUTELY Ready

Despite the fact that it's embarrassing to you if you do get a request for a full or partial from pitching and you, in actuality, have nothing to offer up to them that's polished, it's also just plain rude.  Imagine if you're an editor or an agent and someone gives you this stellar pitch and it's amazing and then all of the sudden the conference is over and you never heard back from the person you requested from again because they weren't ready to submit in the first place.  Its wastes everyone's time and disappoints them to no end.  There was an agent panel that spoke at the conference and they said that out of the requests that they ask writers for during an average conference after hearing their pitches only 30%, that's right you heard right, 30% actually send in the request?!  What a waste when there are people who are ready in the slush pile who want nothing more than to have that same editor or agent read their work.  You got the opportunity and wasted it.  Just don't do it unless you're ready.

Don't:  Be Shy

This one brings me to the end of this post and the giveaway below.  This is Simone Elkeles, author of the New York Times Best Selling Perfect Chemistry Series.

This is Simone Ekleles asking me for a good time to meet up later after her signing so she could give me some extra posters to hand out to my blog readers!  I told her I was a blogger and asked her to sign an extra copy of Perfect Chemisty for my wonderful readers (yes, you awesome folks) and she ended up not only signing my books, but also giving me some of her extra delicious posters featuring her Perfect Chemistry boys to hand out to my readers.  Why did she do this?  Because I wasn't shy and asked her for a favor--signing my extra book.  I ended up having a nice little chat with her and got some awesome signed swag to give my readers.  The lesson of the story?  Don't be shy.  Be yourself and people will be cool in return.  Oh and here is a pic of the poster and signed book.  *grins*

So I hope you enjoyed my dos and don'ts and they help you if you decide to go to a writer's conference in the future!  Now on to the giveaway!

The Ultimate Simone Elkeles Giveaway :D

So this is like my 4th giveaway this month, but I'm on a roll so why stop now!  Here's a quick laundry list of my other giveaways.  Click the links for more info:

So with this giveaway Author Simone Elkeles gave me a whole bunch of swag to pass on to you lovelies. 
The Goods

Ultimate Simone Prize Pack:  Signed Paperback of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles with Matching Bookmark and signed poster! (Book and Poster Pictured Above)

Fuentes Lover's Prize Pack:  Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles with matching Bookmark and sighed Poster (Book is unsighed and Poster Pictured Above)

Signed Perfect Chemistry Series Poster (One of the Posters above - 2 Winners)

The Rules

So there will be a total of 4 Winners here and the only requirement to enter is to follow me on either GFC, Network Blogs, or Linky Followers.  The other options are extra to better your chances.

Enter now for this awesome swag in the Rafflecopter below!  Giveaway ends 6/10

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interview with Author Jennifer Hartz + Giveaway (3 Winners!)

          "I do not think it is a question of where, but when." were the words that Charis left my mother with thirty years ago when I disappeared from Meric . . . before I was born. 
          Shortly after being sent back I've been attacked by man-eating Vaipes. I've learned that my father was a power wielding Guardian. I've discovered that the silvery-blue eyes intriguing me my entire life belong to my Watcher, Shaw who is without a doubt the most handsome man I have ever seen. And somehow I need to stop a war mongering tyrant who can manipulate people's thoughts. 
          So my question isn't where or when. It is how? How can I help the people of Meric when I can't stop myself from falling in love?

Get The Future Savior Series on Amazon Today!

May I Tell You About Someone Else?

          Hello, All!  For my Blog Me MAYbe Blogfest post today I bring you a special treat!  We're suppose to share something about someone else so today, I'm posting an interview with the very author I have been gushing about for almost a month now.  She writes a stellar series called The Future Savior, a five part book series which features a crazy cool, strong heroine with some seriously boss powers and a drool-worthy, sword-wielding hero, which would make any girl fan herself back into reality.  She's here today to discuss her awesome books as well as give away a few copies of the first book of her Future Savior Series: Conception as seen above.  Without further ado, I present you my interview with Jennifer Hartz!

1.  Okay, first question, Ms. Hartz.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started writing.
I've always loved fantasy stories, ever since I was a little kid.  In fact, I wrote my very first story when I was about 6-years-old.  It was about magical fairies who had their magic wands stolen by evil trolls!  Some how I got away from writing... life likes to move us in interesting directions.... but I eventually found my way back.  My current commute to work is an hour and a half... one way!  My mind would wander and daydream during my drive about a fantasy world and slowly, but surly The Future Savior Series was born!  Now I am so excited because this is my last year working!!!  I've got just over one month left!  Soon, I am going to be a full-time mommy/wife/WRITER!!!  I've got sooooo many ideas for different novels and series (mostly fantasy) that I should be writing for a VERY LONG time!

2.  Your series, The Future Savior, is seriously stellar and I love the first three books of the five parts that have been released, Conception, Resurrection, and Evacuation.  Why don't you tell us a little bit about the story itself overall for those who haven't read them yet. 
Oh gosh, it's so hard for me to talk about Future Savior without giving spoilers!  Basically a young woman, Christina, is mysteriously transported from her normal life to a fantasy world called Meric.  There she discovers she has an amazing destiny... she's the prophesied Savior of Meric!  She learns that she has unbelievable powers including visions and telekinesis.  She also discovers that she has a shape-shifting Watcher (body guard) named Shaw who has been protecting her since before she was born and who just happens to be the most breath-taking, handsome, yummy man ever!

3.  So as many of you out there in the blogosphere know by following my blog, I love a witty sarcastic heroine as well as a tough chick who can fight with the big boys and your heroine, Christina Vaughn, I feel epitomizes both of these elements.  Tell us more about her and how she came to be.
To tell you the truth, there is so much of me in Christina.  I wanted her to be as realistic as possible since the things happening to her were soUN-realistic.  Whenever something happened to Christina in the story, I would say to myself, "Okay... what would I do if this were me?"  In real life I'm sarcastic to a fault (it actually gets me in trouble!) and I'm extremely competitive.  That's totally where Christina gets her personality.  At least that's how Christina started... however, as the story grew, she sort got a mind of her own.  Now she's her own awesome self!  She's way cooler than I am!!!

4.  So here’s the question I have been dying to ask…  Where did the inspiration for this swoon worthy, sword wielding, Leviathan slaying hero Shaw come from?  The guy seriously makes me melt with every page turn of my Kindle.
I know, right?  Shaw  ***sigh***  As you might know, I get my visual inspiration for Shaw from the major swoon-worthy, mega handsome, drool enhancing, heart pounding (oh I could go on... and I will just a bit) deliciously gorgeous Kellan Lutz.  Victoria, please feel free to post as many Kellan Lutz pictures as you can get your hands on... your readers will not mind!!!

But for Shaw's personality he's what every woman wants.... at least I think so.  He so strong and so protective of her.  Which I think is one of the major rolls of men... to protect.  Somehow over the years this roll has been diminished, but deep down every woman truly desires her man to protect and lead her.  Not only does Shaw protect Christina, but at the same time, as her Watcher, he gives her distance to live her life.  Plus he lets her participate in the adventure.  Every woman out there wants an adventure!  Additionally he is so mysterious, which is just so much fun!

5.  One thing I really enjoy about your series, outside of the story itself, is the world it’s set in, Meric.  The land itself and the creatures who reside there are beautifully described.  How did you go about developing such an intricate world?
I have a completely whack imagination!!!  LOL!  Seriously though, I wanted to make sure the readers could really grasp the picture of things inside my head.  I wish I had a better explanation than that, but that's pretty much all I did... described the pictures in my head.

6.  This blog features books that twenty something readers would enjoy.  Why do you feel your series is great for twenty somethings? 
I think The Future Savior Series is ageless and I hope that doesn't sound conceded, but I wrote it for people of any age to enjoy.  It has the feel of a YA story, but the leading lady is in her thirties and then there's the fact that the people of Meric stop ageing at 33... who doesn't love that!

7.  What are your plans for future projects?
Oh my goodness!  I've got so many!!!  Along with writing Future Savior 4: Desecration, (which I'm currently working on now and it's stellar!) I'm about 2/3 of the way through a YA Urban Fantasy.  Then, recently, I was also bombarded with one of the best ideas I've ever had!  It's more of a Middle Grade, but I can't wait to start working on it!  Plus I've got a really nice paranormal romance I'm looking forward to working on soon... like I said before, I've got enough ideas to keep me busy for a long time!

8.  Okay, so totally unrelated, but for those of you that don’t know Ms. Hartz and myself share a serious love for all things Hunger Games!  So now the ultimate question, Ms. Hartz…  Team Peeta or Team Gale and please pick the right team ;)
Team Peeta all the way!!!  He's one of my many loves, including Shaw of course!  But maybe that's it... Peeta is all about protecting Katniss and Shaw is all about protecting Christina.  Good stuff!

Jennifer Hartz wrote and illustrated her first novel, an epic tale featuring winged fairies losing their magic wands to evil trolls, back when she was six years old. She has been a fan of fantasy and science fiction ever since. From the land of Mordor to a galaxy far, far away, Jennifer loves it all.

Born in Pittsburgh, but currently living in northeast North Carolina with her amazing husband and beautiful son, Jennifer spends her days teaching, reading, and writing.

The Future Savior series is Jennifer’s first crack at a novel since the early days of fairy wand heists and she couldn’t be more thrilled with its quick success.

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Isn't she just great! Ah, I love this woman. And she picked the right team!  Make sure to check out these awesome books of hers and enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter below for your chance at the first in her Future Savior Series: Conception. She's giving away 3, yes 3 copies so there will be 3 winners!
Thanks, Ms. Hartz for joining us today!

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