Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Over at the Alley!

Hey friends!

First off, let me give you an official welcome to the new blog!  Tis' now an author blog as you can see!!! Squee!  Not much of my blogs content will change right away.  The title and look has just changed for now and I will still do a few reviews here and there, but soon those will be discontinuing and I will be recommending books instead, which is why I have titled the review tab "20-Something Reads" :D  More on that and more changes later though friends!  

To get a blog design like this and at a really reasonable price check out Sheila!  She's so stellar peeps and she is so reasonably priced.  She did my last design, too.  Thanks, Sheila ;D (Click on the pick for more info!

Blog Designs by Sheila

So I'm officially back from Cali and RWA Nationals 2012!!! I learned a lot and got some awesome info about the future for new adult fiction! Tune in Wednesday for a special VLOG (yep, I'm at it again ;D) details post and tune in Friday for a bonus surprise giveaway post!!!

For now, I'm over at NA Alley today talking about the importance of for new adult fiction and how YOU as a reader can advance the category.  So head over friends! See you Wednesday!


Kelley Lynn said...

LOVE the new blog look, my dear!

Carrie Butler said...

I'm waiting on that vlog, darn it! ;) Love the new look!

Victoria Smith said...

Thanks Kelley and congraz again :)

Victoria Smith said...

You're bogus for calling me out girl!!! LOL! It's up now my friend ;D



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