Monday, August 14, 2017


Morning, guys!

I’m coming to you today from the beautiful Midwest. It’s a sunshiny day with corn fields all around and I’m feeling pretty darn great about what the week is about to hold. I’m currently 28,000 words into my new WIP (writing in progress) and I’m ready to toss another 19,000 words or so on top of that this week!

I wanted to talk to you about motivation and the tactics I’ve been using recently to keep me on track. The last few months have been pretty crappy in regards to my word counts and I summed that up to a few things:

1. Being disorganized AF

I was seriously all over the place. I didn’t write anything down and therefore that showed.

2. Treating my business like a hobby

I think I was maybe putting in about 5 hours on the actual business side of my writing a week. FIVE HOURS A WEEK! This definitely wouldn’t do if I wanted to get my books out to my hungry and wonderful readers!

3. I was at a five when I should be at a ten

My motivation was seriously and embarrassingly crappy. It was like epic trash can bad. I needed to hike up my game in all three departments and I want to share with you what I did.

How I fixed disorganization: I GOT ORGANIZED!

A sample of a current Saturday schedule ;)

I know it sounds so simple and guess what? It totally was! I got myself on a detailed schedule (one I write down) and I follow it to the letter. Even meals and getting dressed are etched into my daily planner and it totally helps. I have a day job so each moment is very valuable. 

How I stopped treating my business like a hobby:

I put more hours in. I now schedule 20 hours a week for business related endeavors whether writing, marketing, or other wise. I also got a support team (aka my darling husband ;D) who now puts in about 10 hours a week on top of my 20. We’re really doing this thing together now and I definitely underestimated the value of good support.

How I got myself from a five to a ten:

I found I really needed to sit and figure out what shrunk me down to this horrifically bad number. After thinking, I realized I needed to take a good long look at my release schedule as well as what I was writing. After doing that, the words, but most importantly my passion started to grow again!

I’m very excited for what the future holds and for you readers out there my next book CHERISHED BY YOU will be releasing in the next few weeks! The cover reveal will be around before that so watch out!

Question of the week:

What do you find keeps you motivated throughout the week?

Can’t wait to hear from you guys and until next week!


Annette Moore said...

What is keeping me motivated? Reading what you are doing, then modifying that to my own work. My PhD proposal is all written and submitted (finally!). Now to write the presentation and IRB proposal, in between getting my workout in and meals. Good to see how you are making it work. I hope I had a bit to do with that (lol)! Thank you for the return! You are rocking this!

Your mom!

TWard said...

My family motivates me. Any idea when we will be able to read BABY, BE MINE: NEW YORK CITY?

Victoria Smith said...

@A Moore - aww thanks Mom! And yes I can safely say you had a lot to do with it. So proud of you! I'm happy to see things are going your way. You deserve it ☺️

@ T Ward - thanks for your interest! The book is currently in progress and I'll let everyone know on my Facebook page/ newsletter any updates as they come in. Thanks!

Harringtop said...

Harrington- what keeps me motivated is my family. Family is everything. A good book from you also keeps me motivated Victoria. You have so many life lessons in them that we could all learn from.



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