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The Space Between Epilogue Reveal!

Hey all! To celebrate the reveal of The Dividing Line (The Space Between 2) cover reveal...

(which you can see here, tehe)

I have written an epilogue to The Space Between! This will give you a snapshot of what The Dividing Line will be about. Now, don't read it if you haven't read The Space Between, sillies. 

Hope you enjoy it!

(Don't forget to read to the end. There may be a treat...)

PS - The epilogue will be available on Amazon. If you have already purchased The Space Between there you will have a free option to update your copy :)


“Lacey, wait until you see Drake’s place. You’re going to love it,” said Adele, barreling up the stairs of my—and now Drake’s—housing complex.
I laughed, but was pulled from it when Drake snaked his arm around my waist, tugging me close to him. He’d maintained a rather close proximity since we were downstairs at the park earlier.
Not that I minded.
Pushing my arms around his midsection, I made sure I stayed there against him. I didn’t want any more space between us. Not ever if I could help it. I felt myself hovering on a cloud while snuggled safely under his arm. He brushed soft kisses on my brow, leading us upstairs to his flat. Adele’s excited voice ahead was the only thing that kept me a part of the world. I laughed again, thinking about how she’d tricked her way to Paris.
“So, your parents think she’s at a friend’s house for the weekend?” I asked, gazing up at my man’s strong chin.
He gave that deep throaty chuckle that always gave me goosebumps. He rubbed my arm, budding even more of the prickled flesh. “Yeah. She’s got an early flight back to the States on Sunday. She even went as far as getting her friend to cover for her.”
“That sounds all too familiar,” I said, eyeing him.
He simply flashed me a grin. “Are you surprised? Our father’s a politician. He practically trained us on how to pull things over on people.”
My head dipped a little when he referenced his father. How did he react when Drake told him he decided to live here…with me? With the lengths he went to break us up the first time, he was probably furious. And what about his mother? How did she take the news? Anxiety rose in my chest and I swallowed hard. I didn’t want him burning bridges with his parents even if they didn’t agree with us being together.
Drake touched my chin, and I gazed into his mahogany eyes. Concern wrinkled his brow.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
I didn’t want to voice my worries, but I did anyway. “How did your parents react? You know, to you leaving?”
At my words, Drake’s expression went tense. “I can imagine they won’t be too happy… when they find out.”
My brows shot up. “You didn’t tell them?” Oh my god. When they find out it’s going to be so bad…
I must have been shaking my head in panic because Drake settled his hands on my cheeks and bent to my level. “I mailed them a letter. It explains everything but the specifics of where I’m located. I don’t want them interfering in our lives anymore.”
“But, Drake—”
He pressed his finger to my lips. I closed them, and he placed a kiss on my forehead, then moved his lips to my ear. “I choose to be with you, Lacey Douglas. You. My parents have nothing to do with that. Don’t worry about them. It’s our time now.”
He crossed back in front of me and brushed his thumb under my lip. He wore the warmest of gazes. “Us,” he said.
Propping myself up on my toes, I touched his full lips with mine. “Us,” I whispered.
His arms moved around me. Large hands splayed on my back, he pressed me against him, deepening our kiss.
A huff sounded in the hall and my hand was pulled, forcing me to slide out of Drake’s grasp. A petite Adele frowned at her brother. “You’ll have plenty of time for that later, Drake. Now, give me keys. I have to show Lacey your flat.” She placed her palm out, waiting impatiently.
I chuckled, but Drake scrunched up his face. Rather reluctantly, he handed his sister his ring of keys. She tipped her chin, pleased to get her way, and let us into the flat. She dragged me by the hand, making sure Drake couldn’t have his way with me as she led the tour of his dwelling.
“Now, it’s a little on the small side, and only one bedroom, but I can totally hook him up with some tips on how to open the space up,” she said, going into designer mode as we stepped into the living room.
His place was a little smaller than mine, pre-furnished as well with floral printed furniture and white wooden siding that matched the tables and chairs. Definitely not the traditional guy’s space, but Adele was quick to give her advice on how to solve that as well. I couldn’t stop smiling during the whole tour. Adele definitely hit her niche here. She had charged out of his bedroom, heading to the balcony to show the last spot on the tour.
Drake caught me before I could leave the room.
“I want to see your place,” he said, slowly prowling toward me.
            He backed me up against his bedroom wall, surrounding me with his familiar, masculine scent that was known for making my mouth go dry.
            I swallowed hard. “Okay. We have to get Adele.”
            He got closer, his hard chest brushing my breasts. I felt them instantly go heavy, the tips beading tight. He didn’t stop his pursuit. Tilting his head, he hovered his lips over my cheek.
            I closed my eyes, expecting him to kiss me, but he didn’t. Pulling back, he said, “All right. You head down and I’ll go get her.” He then passed me and left his bedroom.
            My legs were still wobbly as I crossed the threshold of my flat moments later. Drake had a way of making my body completely betray me.
I left the door open a crack so the two could get in, then tossed my keys onto the kitchen island. I opened the blinds, letting in the afternoon light. After surveying the condition of my living room, I put away the scripts I had on the coffee table, then moved to the couch and fluffed the pillows. I definitely didn’t expect company today. It was crazy. When I woke this morning I could never imagine how happy I’d be by the end of the day. Life can hand over some amazing surprises sometimes.
            I sat on the arm of the couch to wait, but quickly got up to go check my face. Again, I had no idea that I’d be seeing Drake and probably looked a mess. I scurried into the bathroom and was relieved to know the damage wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had my hair up in a bun so it wasn’t messy. With a quick swipe of some lip gloss, I was good to go.
            I put the gloss back in my makeup bag on the sink and jumped when a set of arms went around my waist.
            I gazed up to the mirror to see Drake’s head of jet-black hair, his lips settling on my jawline.
            “Lacey…” he husked against my skin, his deep voice smooth like honey.
            A moan hummed in my throat. I’d been waiting so long for him to touch me… taste me. But with Adele here we couldn’t do that now. I grasped his hands, which were now venturing from my waist to underneath my top. “Your sister,” I said.
            His only response to this was whipping me around. I yelped when he braced my thighs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed out of the bathroom and into my bedroom.
            “Drake,” I said, forcing myself to lower my voice. Good god we could not do this with his sister in my flat.
            He tossed me on my bed, grinning as he settled himself on top of me. I wriggled underneath him trying hard not to giggle. He wouldn’t let me escape and pushed my arms above my head, getting both my hands in his large one.
            “Truman Drake, we are not about to—”
            He crushed his lips against mine, cutting off my objection. My body relaxed beneath his, liquefying under his broad frame. His tongue peeked out, coaxing my lips for entry, and I opened up to him completely. Sighing, I submitted, tangling my tongue with his. His taste was as maddening as his touch against my skin.
            Without words, he lifted his head, separating our mouths. I opened my eyes, licking my swollen lips. “That was mean,” I said, trying to catch my breath.
            His lips lifted. With a long finger, he traced my profile, my cheek, my lips. “I can’t be held responsible for what I do after not seeing you for a month.”
            He lowered his head, seeking my lips again. I placed my hand on his chest. “I want to but…”
            “Don’t worry about my sister,” he said, settling warm kisses on my cheek. “She’s back at my place for the rest of the evening. We came to an agreement.”
            I pulled back, eyeing him. “Oh, really?”
            He gave a curt nod. “I will be making sure she goes anywhere she wants this whole weekend. After tonight, of course. My sibling can be very reasonable when she wants to be.”
            I snickered, slipping my arms around his neck. “So what do you plan to do all night, Mr. Drake?”
            He rose up and my hands slid down his chest. Reaching behind his back, he slid his shirt off in an effortless move. Its removal tousled his styled hair, making the choppy cut even sexier, but I lost my breath at the sight of his hard body. Nothing but rich, tan skin covered the lean definition of his muscles. His sculpted biceps and broad shoulders sparked a tingle between my thighs.
            “Now?” he said, easing apart my thighs and lifting my leg. He pulled off my heel, tossing it to the floor. “I plan to make love to you, and I intend on being very thorough.”
            He removed my other shoe, and I sucked in a breath as he placed a kiss on my inner thigh. My sheer stockings did nothing. I felt everything.
            “Oh…” I breathed out.
            “Then,” he paused, setting my leg down. With a devilish grin, he tugged my skirt, wrestling it off me. After dropping it to the floor, he shrugged. “Maybe look for a job.”
            I shook my head. Wrapping my legs around him, I shifted my hips until he brought himself against me. He was so hard already. He groaned at the contact and pressed even harder against my mound to feel more.
            I brought my arms around him, drawing his earlobe into my mouth. “How about later on the job thing?”

            He pushed his fingers into the elastic band of my stockings, pulling them down my hips. “Sounds like a plan.”

Copyright © 2013 by Victoria H. Smith

And because I love you here is a little treat from animation artist Aminah!

Drake from The Space Between!


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Thank you! I'm so excited to share it with everyone :D

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Thanks Megan!!! I can't wait to release it :-)

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Thanks so much for the shout-out in the acknowledgments, Victoria! *HUGS* I was thrilled when my Kindle copy updated automatically with the new epilogue. Loving the Drake cartoon, by the way :-)



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