Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wow, where did the month go? Updates, dates, teasers, ARCs, and NA Alley!

So I blinked and it was July :P I'm so sorry about that. So I suppose I owe you some updates, yes? Here we go!

So, summer hit me hard this year. I'm currently editing the sequel to The Crimson Hunt and its sequel's companion. These are both scheduled to release August 12, 2013. The covers and GR add links are below as well as info on how to request ARCs of The Bringer's Quest for review. After release, I will no longer be accepting so make sure you request now!

Click here for a sneak peak of The Bringer's Quest on Wattpad!

Click here to request an ARC of The Bringer's Quest

Also, The Bringer's Quest's virtual book tour is scheduled during the release week. Sign ups aren't available quite yet, but I'll let you know when they are. Until then here is the blog button with the tour dates :)

So... answers to some random things you might be wondering :)

What's going on with that sequel to The Space Between?

I put it on hold so I could get out The Bringer's Quest and Incandescence. I'm actually starting on it again next week since I'll have some time while my other projects are with my editor. It's called The Dividing Line and you can add it on Goodreads here. :)

How about that cover reveal you promised for The Dividing Line?

I have the cover! It was designed once again by the amazing Sarah from Okay Creations. I assure you it will be soon. :D

How about a release date for the freaking thing, Victoria??? :P

I'm planning on a October/ November release for The Dividing Line. Provided all things go according to plan....

Can we have a teaser... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

Fine you pulled my leg :P (This is Drake's POV by the way ;D)

Now, there was something very peculiar going on here. Lacey was in my room and had been for quite sometime. Yet, despite this fact she wasn’t in my bed and underneath me. This was a problem that needed to be corrected.

I intended to fix this problem… right now.

And because I love you here's some fun Drake and Lacey art that my graphic designer, Aminah, made for me!

And lastly, what's Incandescence about? There's no blurb on Goodreads! D:

It is about a special couple in The Bringer's Quest. (So spoilers there) BUT I will have it available once the tour information comes up which should be very soon.


So I think that's it. I'm so sorry I've been away. Between my edits and the #NACrushTourney on NA Alley blog I've been swamped. I am over on NA Alley today talking about self-publishing in the digital age, though, so feel free to stop by. 

Also, the NA Crush Tourney is still in full swing. And we have a few more rounds before it's over. Click on the banner to catch up and join in on the voting. 

Laters! I'll try to blog a few more times this month. Heart you all!


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So much juicy info! Thanks V!

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Did someone say Drake teaser? LOVE IT! :-)

P.S. Your new covers are stunning, Victoria!

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Information overload, right? LOL Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks Faith!!! Gotta love some Drake!!! <3s!

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