Monday, May 27, 2013

The Space Between is FREE!

Hey everyone! A couple quick announcements  The first: The Space Between is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon for the holiday. Hope you all get yourself a copy.

Second: Nook Readers: The Space Between should finally be on sale at Saturday. So sorry for the delay. I'll stop by the blog again with links for you.

Third: NA Alley is hosting the first ever NA Crush Tourney! We're all very excited about this and hope you will all come out and hype your favorite NA book boys. 

Click me!

And if you want to add my Korean cutie pie Drake from The Space Between or my sci-fi man Luca The Crimson Hunt I'm sure they wouldn't protest!

Hearts you all and have a good week!


Julie Luek said...

Always great to learn about a new potential summer read.. thanks!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Tournament sounds like a great idea. Best of luck with your free promo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Victoria on cracking the Top 100 Free Kindle books! Woo hoo :-)



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