Friday, March 16, 2012


So I'm terribly, terribly sorry.  I've been a horrible blogger and it has been a week since I posted so I thought I'd drop in with a few updates about what's going on with me!

Well the post man has been good to me this week let me tell you.  First, I'll start with a lovely little ARC I got in the mail today from Ms. Jennifer Echols.

Ah!  I was so frickin' excited when this came in.  I have been dying to read this book.  It doesn't come out until July and when I email Jennifer Echols about getting an ARC for Your The One That I Want she said she ran out and I was sad :(  But then she said she could put me on the list for Such A Rush and I was like "Hell yeah!"  Okay, so I didn't actually email her that, but you get the picture.  I will read and review asap so look out for it.  Blurb here.

Next update, I went Hunger Games crazy this week.  The post man probably had fire on his feet from the way he was frequenting my mail box.  I ordered shirts and a few other things to prepare for the premier next week.  Here are those other things:

Yes, those are Capitol Colours and yes that is a Mockingjay pin!  Eek!  I'm such a dork and so excited for the midnight showing!  If you want to snag the trilogy enter my giveaway below :D

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Kelley said...

What a fantastic sample. I'm so looking forward to the Hunger Games too!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Oooh, spicy! I love it!



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