Saturday, November 26, 2011

About to Attack the Demon!

This is where, contrary to popular belief, writing starts to suck...the editing phase.  I technically started last night on the sequel and my structure or framework for the story worked out really well since I used the snowflake method I discussed a week ago, so now I get to rip apart my dialogue and fill in those plot holes, yeah!!!  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Another reason why this is so hard for me is that I am so new at this still that I am still unclear if I'm doing it right.  All I can really do is the best I can and when I feel its as good as it gets move on to the next project.

I recently attended a meeting for a local chapter of the RWA or Romance Writers Association to see about getting a critique partner, but I am not joining until January so I guess until then my edits will have to do.

I also plan on going to Spring Fling! in April.  It's a writer's conference where I can get tips and tricks on how to write better.  Also one of my new favorite author's Simone Elkeles will be there, so I can get my books signed as well.

My focus for this edit is to fix, fix, and fix some more the Ariel and Luca sex and lovey dovey scenes.  I am totally horrible at this since I am so new and it needs some major help.  Also it seems that Luca has gotten a bit sensitive which I don't like.  He needs to be strong enough to tackle the beast known as Ariel Richmond my heroine!  {Oh and I meant figuratively not literally, when it comes to the sex Luca's got some major game ;)}  So wish me luck, more on this later.


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