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Top 10 Awesome Book Chicks of 2011!

Okay.  So today's post is the Top 10 Characters of 2011 so I decided to theme mine and make it the Top 10 Awesome Book Chicks of 2011!  So to start, check out this video and just keep it playing while you read :) (And yes I will admit I did.  I could not help myself, haha!)

Thank you Beyonce.  Yes, girls do run the world and my post is about to show it.  This list contains both leading ladies and side kicks from across the board.  These chicks are, yes, badass and they know it.  They are fighters, contenders, and underdogs.  I love them so and hope you do too!  So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

10.  Aech

This chick is so awesome that she is one of the top virtual fighters in Oasis, a program that has now taken over a post apocalyptic United States where everyone now lives their lives online instead of in the miserable real world.  She rules the online world.  She's got the money, the fame, the power, and the respect.  She literally runs the world :)

9. Erin Blackwell

Erin got stripped of her inheritance, put herself through college, all while battling the ass who took her inheritance from her in her creative writing class.  She's tough, independent, and isn't afraid of a challenge.  She literally looses like a million jobs while trying to put herself through school, but she keeps going and never stops fighting.

8. Kate

All around "bestie" of the leading lady Anastasia Steele.  Kate is the epitome of the best friend.  She's the shoulder to cry on, which believe me is severely needed for Anastasia in this book.  She's intelligent, funny, and isn't afraid to tell off leading male "Fifty Shades" himself Christian Grey.

7. Johanna Mason

Johanna doesn't even like Katniss yet she's willing to die to keep her safe for the cause.  Nothing is braver than that.  She fights for the greater good despite how she feels about the situation.

6.  Meg

  Meg has seen some stuff.  I mean she's been through some serious crap and she deals with it.  She doesn't let it get her down.  Sure, she's got some issues, but she figures them out and stands up to her Officer After and gets him to fall for her.  She's a criminal and gets a cop to fall for her.  That's saying something.

5. Kira

Kira is as plain and boring as you could possibly be.  She's your normal average, "wears leg warmers" girl, but do you see who's she's kissing in that photo?  That is Carlos Fuentes, a gun holding, gang affiliated tough man's, man.  And guess what?  Kira got him to change his ugly ways and fall for her.  That's some serious awesomeness.  

4. Evie

Evie has not one, but two awesome men fighting over her.  She's the one who comes out fighting in the end and she's doesn't fit the stereotypical super model beauty.  She's completely normal.  She's 5'9" and averages between a size 12-14 and rocks what she's got and does it damn well.    

3. Art3mis

If Aech got the award for top contender of the Oasis then Art3mis gets the award for owner of the Oasis.  This chick annihilates her online competition and has all the virtual guys fawning for her and they have never even seen her face.  She's just that good.  She fights with the best of them and kills at it.  She leaves the guys in the dust and our poor hero Wade Watts at her feet.

2. Rue

Oh, Rue.  How I love this little girl.  She is completely stellar.  The girl is only 12 years old and proves herself to be a serious contender in the games, more so than some of the best of them.  And she gets the all around award for "bestie" of all time to our leading lady Katniss Everdeen.  This girl has got skills!

1. Anastasia Steele

Remember earlier when I said that Meg from Going too Far had "seen some stuff"?  Well, that is an understatement for Miss Steele.  You have to read the book to find out what I'm talking about, but Ana has literally got nerves of "Steele."  Do read at your own risk, but believe me she's been through some stuff and comes out fighting.  She deals with the most destructive, powerful man in history, our leading male Christian Grey.  She's a normal senior in college, no one particularly special, but she holds all the cards and keeps her man on his toes.  She's the strongest chick I read this year and I can't wait to follow her journey into 2012 with Fifty Shades Freed.

So, that's the list.  The Top Awesome Book Chicks I read of 2011.  It was hard to choose because there were so great ladies and if I could have made my list longer I would have.  It was seriously awesome to see so many awesome ladies in books this year and I can't wait to see what next year holds.  We wrap up tomorrow with Most Anticipated Books of 2012 and as you can see from my previous post some of these ladies will be showing up again!

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Patricia said...

I really like your post's topic. I would have never managed to pick ten, but I'm generally bad at that, so.. XD

A big yay for Rue and Johanna.

You also made me want to pick up the Simone Elkeles copy. I don't like women who want to "change" their men, but I've read the first one and I think with these guys it's more like.. women who inspire their men to become someone 'better' (I can't come up with the right word.. Gah!), which is something I have no problems with at all. : )


Victoria Smith said...

You hit the nail on the head with Simone Elkeles. That's exactly what she does. Pure awesomeness!

Adriana C said...

I ´ve only read The Hunger Games and Rules of Attraction. I´m intrigued by Ready Player One.
Kira is an excellent choice, I love this series.
I love Rue, she great.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Unknown said...

Johanna, Kira, and Rue!! They're all awesome. I'm looking forward to reading Love Story. I'm a huge Jennifer Echols fan. Btw, I'm your newest follower. :) Thanks for stopping by TRD.

Victoria Smith said...

@Dea thanks for the love! I'm following you too :)

Tara said...

ooo nice list!!!!!! thanks for the wonderful comment!!!!!

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